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Doll Pram & Walker

Doll Pram & Walker

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Our Developmental Baby Walker provides the perfect blend of support, safety, and entertainment for your exploring tot. It also makes for a cute baby doll pram stroller for your child. Made of sustainable materials, this doll pram stroller is roomy enough to fit all your child's little fancies.  


  • Steady Strides: Wide, sturdy base prevents tipping for worry-free exploring.
  • Cozy Comfort: Padded seat keeps your baby happy and secure.
  • Go-Getter Grip: Easy-grip handle empowers tiny hands to push forward.
  • Playful Learning: Engaging activity tray stimulates senses and keeps your baby entertained.
  • Growing Confidence: Adjustable height ensures a perfect fit as your little one grows.

More Than Just Walking:

  • Develops motor skills: Strengthens legs and hand-eye coordination with every push.
  • Boosts confidence: Encourages exploration and celebrates each successful step.
  • Sparks curiosity: Bright colors and playful design capture your baby's imagination.

Benefits & Safety


Motor Skill Development: Pushing the walker strengthens leg muscles and improves hand-eye coordination as your baby steers.

Confidence Building: Taking successful steps fosters a sense of accomplishment and encourages independent exploration.

Sensory Stimulation: Activity trays with various textures and toys engage your baby's senses and promote cognitive development.

Entertainment: The walker provides a fun and engaging environment, keeping your baby occupied and happy.


Wide, Sturdy Base: Prevents tipping and falls, offering a safe platform for your child to practice walking.

Comfortable & Padded Seat: Provides proper support and helps keep your baby securely positioned.

Adjustable Height: Allows you to customize the fit as your baby grows, ensuring they maintain proper posture while using the walker.

Adult Supervision: It's crucial to remember that baby walkers are not a substitute for adult supervision.

Always keep a watchful eye on your child to prevent them from reaching hazards or accessing stairs.

Materials & Care

Sustainable wood, Wicker and Rubber.

Wipe Clean


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