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Wooden Ball Rolling House

Wooden Ball Rolling House

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The wooden ball rolling house is a fun and educational toy that helps children develop a variety of skills. It promotes eye tracking, hand-eye coordination, fine and gross motor skills, cause and effect, and language development. The house has four levels, and children will love watching the balls roll through each level. It is made from child-safe and non-toxic materials, and is small enough to fit in a child's hand.

Here are some of the benefits of the ball rolling house:

  • It helps children develop their eye tracking skills by following the balls as they roll through the house.
  • It helps children develop their hand-eye coordination skills by picking up the balls and placing them on the tracks.
  • It helps children develop their fine motor skills by manipulating the balls and tracks.
  • It helps children learn about cause and effect by seeing how their actions (releasing the ball) cause a reaction (the ball rolling down the track).

Overall, the ball rolling house is a great way to promote a variety of developmental skills in young children. It is a safe and fun toy that children will love playing with

Ages: 1 and Up

Benefits & Safety

Safety: The wide base and sturdy structure provide stability, while the anti-tip system helps to prevent accidents.

Support: The walker provides support and stability for a child who is still unsteady on their feet.

Materials & Care

Handmade from solid, sustainably sourced plantation timber; finished with beeswax and natural oils


17" x 12" x 17"

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