Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Six Steps to Plan a Themed Birthday Party for You Child

Birthday parties for kids are always fun as parents look for themes to celebrate their little one’s special day. But it can be tricky and stressful as parents have to come up with fun themes and plan the day. Without proper and timely planning, it will become hard to throw a themed birthday party that runs smoothly without any glitches. Continue reading for our top birthday party themes. 

Planning a themed birthday party can be stressful and more so if you don’t plan ahead. The question is, where do you start - party favors, food, or decorations? 

Let’s take a look at the various steps below: 

Themed Party Ideas for Kids
  1. Finalize a Theme: 

Gone are the days when you could throw a regular birthday party with a round or square cake. Parents are ensuring their child’s birthdays are not just special but also memorable when they look back. Let’s take a look at a  few popular birthday themes. These theme ideas will make your child happy and become warm memories. 

Superhero Birthday Party Theme 

Superheroes like Batman, Superman, and Captain America fascinate kids and adults alike. While kids engage in pretend play, they may imagine that they have the superpowers their favorite superhero has. Add to that mix, superhero toys and gadgets that your children see and insist on buying during visits to the mall. 

Throwing a superhero party will not only make your child happy but also mesmerize your child’s friends. A superhero party appeals both to girls and boys across ages. 

Halloween Birthday Party Theme

Halloween may come once every year, but a Halloween-themed birthday party can make it a memorable one. Candy, costumes, and magic tricks are every child’s idea of fun. Black and orange color schemes can make your child’s birthday party not only spooky but also get you some Instagram-worthy shots. 

Make sure to invite your neighbor’s kids and friends from play school well in advance giving their parents time to arrange for costumes. It could easily be a 1st birthday party theme. 

Minion Birthday Party Theme

Minions are cute and we all know it. Throw a minion-themed birthday party to earn brownie points for your child among their friends. 

A minion-themed birthday party can include Mexican food, fun games, and minion-themed wall decorations. Make your house a minion house! To add more fun, order a Despicable Me birthday cake and see your little one jump with joy. You can even buy costumes for your kid based on their favorite minion character. Colorful and cartoon-inspired, a minion birthday party is a way to go. 

Mickey & Minnie Birthday Party Theme 

Mickey and Minnie Mouse are the most well-known Disney characters. Mickey and Minnie Mouse birthday party theme is also one of the most popular themes and a hit amongst kids and adults alike. Since they are so popular, it’s very easy to find Disney themes in the mall. 

Planning such a party is simple as well. Decorate your place with Disney characters, pre-order a Mickey and Minnie cake, and dress your child in Disney-themed clothes. Your party is sure to be a hit - it will be like bringing Disneyland to your home. 

Jurassic Park Birthday Party Theme

Children like dinosaurs and a lot of them go through a phase of engaging in pretend play with dinosaur toys. Plan your child’s birthday around dinosaurs and include dinosaur-shaped cookies, party favors, and fun activities to throw your little one an unforgettable party. 

It fits as a great 3rd birthday party theme because by then, your child will understand dinosaurs much better. 

Space Themed Birthday Party

As children grow, the planets and stars fascinate them. Throwing a space-themed birthday party will certainly take them out of this world! To make it a blast, send out space-themed invites, a planet-shaped cake, decorate your house with planets and globes, and food and party favors in the shape of planets and stars. 

Pirate-Themed Birthday Party

A pirate-themed party will be a fun one. Give your child a map to find a treasure, party favors packed in treasure-shaped boxes, and a pirate cake. 

  1. Prepare a Guest List 

Since you have decided on a theme by now, the next step is to decide who you wish to invite. This step can be hard because your budget will decide the no. of children you invite. The best way is to start with the people closest to your family and your child. Start with immediate family members and close friends. Then, depending on your budget, invite others. 

  1. Choose the Location

Pick the location based on your budget and the size of your guest list. You can rent a venue or throw the party at home. 

Throwing the party at home is definitely cheaper than renting a venue but remember, many venues have packages that include set up, clean up, activities, games, and more. Also, your family will relax and enjoy more if the party isn’t at home because, at home, you’ll be hosting and overseeing that everything runs smoothly. 

Once you’ve decided on the kind of venue, the next step is to look for venues. 

You may want to set a budget and decide if you want an outdoor or indoor venue, or a public or private venue for the party. Also, be sure to double-check the venue’s age requirements because some activities or rides can have a minimum age requirement. 

  1. Send Invites

The next question is the type of invitations you want to send out. Depending on your chosen theme and budget, you can send out store-bought cards, order custom-made cards, or just make them yourself. 

Store-bought invitations are the fastest to procure and are fairly cheap, but they don’t offer a variety of options and may not match the theme of the party you’re throwing. 

Custom-made invites can be ordered online or at a local store. You can customize the color, design, and theme, but may be a bit more expensive. Also, you may have to order well in advance for them to be printed and delivered in time for you to send out the invites. 

DIY is a good way to go for those parents who want to personalize the invitations. Making them yourself will be easy on the pocket, but may be time-consuming for busy parents. 

  1. Order the Cake and Food

The next step is to order the cake and arrange for the food. Before ordering, ask your guests about any dietary restrictions or food allergies that they may have. Also, does any child need a special diet? Be sure to ask about dairy restrictions, nut allergy, and meat preferences.

Depending on the answer to the above questions, you’ll have to decide the time at which the food will be served. If the party is at another venue, be sure to tell the management the time at which they must serve the food. 

You may order cupcakes or a cake. You can order multiple flavors of cupcakes but a cake is generally available in one flavor.

  1. Buy Party Favors and Decor

Most rented venues include decorations as a part of the package. However, if you decorate on your own, make sure to buy birthday banners, balloons, streamers, ribbons, and other wall decorations in advance. 

  1. Plan the Games and Arrange the Materials required

Wherever you decide to throw your party, make sure to plan out how you will keep the kids and guests engaged and entertained. Games are a great way to do that. 

Think of the age of the children who will be playing. Also, plan for games that a group can play so that you don’t leave anyone out. Games like charades are a lot of fun. 

Final Words

Birthday parties are a lot of fun, but supervise the kids during the party so that no one is hurt and everyone is happy and tired by the end of the party. We have covered the basics of planning a great party and you can definitely remove anything you don’t like. 

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