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Wooden Ramp Racer

Wooden Ramp Racer

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This wooden Ramp Race features 4 car ramps that send cars racing down the track. Each car flips at the end of a ramp to continue to the next, which helps toddlers learn about cause and effect. The toy is also compact and sturdy, making it easy to store and transport.  In addition to being fun, the wooden race track helps children develop important developmental skills.


  • Hand-eye coordination: The toy requires toddlers to use their hand-eye coordination to aim their cars at the ramps and to send them racing down the track. This can help improve their hand-eye coordination, which is important for many other activities, such as sports and video games.
  • Attention span: The toy can help toddlers develop their attention spans by requiring them to focus on the cars as they race down the track. This can help them learn to focus on tasks for longer periods of time.
  • Social skills: The toy can help toddlers develop their social skills by encouraging them to cooperate and take turns playing with their friends. This can help them learn to share and work together.

Reccomended Age: 3+

Benefits & Safety

Hand-eye coordination, Attention span, and Social skills.

Smooth edges and water-based paints

Materials & Care

Natural Beech Wood

Wipe with damp cloth



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