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Two Sided Math Frames

Two Sided Math Frames

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This innovative two-piece set provides a hands-on learning experience that makes mastering addition and subtraction a breeze.

Here's what makes the Double-Sided Learning Frame special:

  • Interactive & Engaging: Includes 2 sturdy frames and 20 double-sided number/image tiles. Children can physically manipulate the tiles, making learning fun and tactile.
  • Double-Sided Learning: Each tile features a number on one side and a corresponding image on the other. This allows children to connect numbers with real-world objects, solidifying their understanding.
  • Master Addition & Subtraction: By placing number tiles in the frames, children can visualize addition and subtraction problems. No abstract concepts here – they'll learn through play!
  • Visually Appealing: Brightly colored tiles and engaging images capture young imaginations, making learning enjoyable and stimulating.

The Double-Sided Learning Frame is the perfect tool for:

  • Parents looking for a screen-free learning activity.
  • Teachers creating a fun and interactive classroom environment.
  • Early childhood development programs promoting play-based learning.

The Double-Sided Learning Frame is an excellent way to build a strong foundation in math, all while fostering a love of learning.

Benefits & Safety


Hands-on Learning: By physically manipulating the tiles, children develop fine motor skills and engage in tactile learning, which can be especially beneficial for kinesthetic learners.

Visual-Spatial Skills: Matching numbers with images helps children understand the concept of quantity and spatial relationships.

Early Math Foundation: The set introduces basic addition and subtraction concepts in a concrete way, preparing them for future math success.

Engaging and Fun: The interactive nature and colorful design keep children engaged, making learning enjoyable.
Screen-Free Activity: Provides a healthy alternative to screen time, promoting active learning.


Age-Appropriate: Make sure the size and weight of the tiles are suitable for your child's age. Look for recommendations on the packaging.

Durable Materials: The frames and tiles should be made from safe, non-toxic materials. Look for certifications like CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) compliance.

Supervision: Adult supervision is recommended, especially for younger children, to prevent any choking hazards from small pieces.

Materials & Care

Sustainable Wood: Durable and natural, but may require occasional cleaning with a damp cloth and mild soap


Frame size: 9.45 inches x 2.95 inches
Number tiles: 2.17 inches x 2.17 inches

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