Best Learning Toys for 4 Year Old Kids

Best Learning Toys for 4 Year Old Kids

Banwood Bike

While choosing toys for your 4 year old boy or girl, the first thing to consider is the reason your child needs the toy. Is it primarily for the entertainment, or because you would like to instill some good habits in them or is it to revise what they are learning at school? Based on this information, you can look for the best toys that will serve your purpose. When you go shopping for toys without considering the primary reason, you end up buying toys that will ultimately disappoint you and your child.

Other things to consider while making your decision of buying toys for your four year old kids are safety, educational value, storage and value, durability, ability for open ended play etc. 

We have curated a list of the best toys for your 4 year old child :

1. Habit Forming Toys - If you want to instill daily discipline or good habits into your child, consider buying them habit forming toys. Check out the Daily Routine Helper and Fridge Kit available on Mila and Moo's website. 

2. Creative Toys - Art kits or toys that stimulate your child's imagination and allow them to be creative are great toys for four year olds. Check out the Bugs and Insect Stamp Building Set which is a great DIY toy for your child.

3. Puzzles - Age-appropriate puzzles with large, sturdy pieces help develop problem-solving skills and hand-eye coordination. Puzzles are a good choice for all ages, but especially for your four year old. Check out the Numbered Jigsaw puzzles by Mila and Moo.

4.Magnetic Toys - To improve your four year old's spatial awareness and STEM learning, there is no other toy better than magnetic tiles. These come in various sets and can be played across age groups. Mila and Moo stocks a big variety of magnetic toys. Check them out here.

5. Blocks - Blocks are another toy that are great to instill a scientific temperament and boost overall development of your child. They are great for interactive play and are crowd favorites amongst 4 and 5 year old girls and boys. Buy wooden gem blocks here.

6. Bikes and Trikes- Most of our fondest memories from childhood involve the outdoors. The outdoors are best experienced on bikes. Buy your four year old a cute bike with a wicker basket and watch them become more confident and athletic. Mila and Moo stocks some beautiful bikes from Banwood and Wishbone. 

7. Pretend Play Sets- There isn't a better way to spend time than to pretend play with your friends or siblings. Pretend Play improves imagination, creativity and social skills. From Ice cream shop to kitchen sets, Mila and Moo's pretend play sets are a pure delight.

There are some important developmental areas that Montessori toys can help 4-year-olds reach:

  1. Fine Motor Skills: Montessori toys often feature activities that involve manipulating objects with precision, such as using tweezers, threading beads, or pouring water. These activities help strengthen hand muscles, refine hand-eye coordination, and improve dexterity.

  2. Cognitive Skills: Montessori toys encourage problem-solving, logical thinking, and concentration. Activities like puzzles, matching games, and sorting exercises enhance cognitive abilities, pattern recognition, spatial awareness, and memory.

  3. Language Development: Montessori toys focus on language-rich experiences. Toys with vocabulary cards, storytelling props, or letter and number manipulatives support language development, vocabulary expansion, phonics awareness, and early literacy skills.

  4. Sensorial Exploration: Montessori toys emphasize engaging children's senses. Activities like sensory bins, texture cards, or smell matching games provide opportunities for 4-year-olds to explore different textures, smells, colors, shapes, and sizes, promoting sensory integration and perception.

  5. Independence and Practical Life Skills: Montessori toys often incorporate activities that encourage independence and the development of practical life skills. Toys involving pouring, buttoning, zipping, or lacing help 4-year-olds develop self-help skills, fine motor control, and a sense of accomplishment.

  6. Social and Emotional Development: Montessori toys often promote cooperative play, turn-taking, and social interaction. Activities like cooperative board games, pretend play sets, or sharing exercises foster social skills, empathy, cooperation, and emotional intelligence.

  7. Concentration and Focus: Montessori toys are designed to engage children in focused, uninterrupted play. The use of open-ended materials and activities encourages sustained attention, concentration, and self-regulation.

  8. Order and Organization: Montessori toys often emphasize order and organization. Toys with categorization activities, nesting or stacking blocks, or sequencing tasks help develop skills related to organization, pattern recognition, and logical thinking.

  9. Nature and Outdoor Exploration: Montessori philosophy emphasizes connecting children with nature. Toys that encourage outdoor exploration, gardening, or observing nature support a sense of wonder, curiosity, and environmental awareness.

Montessori inspired toys are not only enjoyable for 4-year-olds but also support their growth and development in a safe and meaningful way.

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